Certified Organic 

Tichaa herbal infusions are made from IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements) certified white mulberry leafs; which are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Each leaf is hand picked, cleaned and processed to preserve the maximum nutrients and flavors.  Tichaa herbal infusion is caffeine free blend of nutrient rich white mulberry leafs with aromatic grains, herbs and spices for unique flavors, fragrances and therapeutic properties for your enjoyment.


Butterfly Pea&White Mulberry Tisane
Unique blue Butterfly Pea blossoms together with certified organic White Mulberry create a nourishing blue green herbal infusion.
Ginger & White Mulberry Tisane
Warm and soothing Ginger is recommended after meals to help with digestion or in the cold nights before bed time for soothing herbal infusion.
Lemongrass & White Mulberry Tisane
Refreshing citrus flavor of Lemongrass delights and invigorates your body and mind with natural nutrients from White Mulberry.
Pandanus & White Mulberry Tisane

Aromatic Pandanus leaf is cool and refreshing, perfect for cold herbal infusion with nutrients from certified organic White Mulberry.
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