Penang Rain
(Nutmeg & Orange)

Monsoon season signals the start of the trade winds with Junks laden with aromatic Nutmeg bound of European ports, perfect compliments with sweet citrus Orange.
Red Passion
(Rose & Bergamot)

Deep velvet red rose symbolizes passion and desire. Enjoy all the passion you can handle with just a few drops of pure Rose and Bergamot essential oil in your favorite brew.
Sleeping Beauty
(Chamomile & Lavender)

To lay her down to sleep with sweet and soothing Chamomile while comforting Lavender gives her a pleasant dream.
Ten Thousand Miles
(Osmanthus & Lemon)

A small flower can scent ten thousand miles in ancient Chinese poem belongs to no other than the Osmanthus blossom. Intense sweet fragrance when balanced with zesty citrus Lemon becomes a natural tonic of sweet and refreshing brew that bring can a smile to your lips.
White Crane
(Jasmine & Mint)

Claming Aroma of White Pristine flowers , uplifting fragrance of Jasmine sambac and refreshing mint restore harmony of body and mind, with beauty and elegance of flying White Crane.
Yellow Emperor
(Lemon & Bergamot)

Chinese Emperor is associated with rich vibrant yellow that stands out like a ripe aromatic lemon filled with zest and energy amongst a deep soothing green tree.
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Specifically blended Essential Oils provide natural scents for creating fragrant Tisane with all natural fragrance from exotic flowers, herbs and spices. Natural and healthier alternative to artificially scented teas full with chemicals and toxins.  A few drop of TICHAA Tisane Essential Oils can add new dimensions of fragrance and flavor to white tea, green tea, red tea and any herbal infusions.     


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