In the secluded imperial’s garden underneath the shade of white mulberry trees, the Empress sips tea from a treasured green celadon bowl.  With a swift autumn breeze a white cocoon drops from a mulberry branch into the jade like bowl filled with steaming hot tea.  The Empress picks up the cocoon with her golden hairpin and releases a shiny lustrous strand of raw silk from the cocoon.  The Empress expressed her wish for a gown to be made from this new and wonderful fiber.



For centuries, the secret of silk making was hidden from the rest of the world.  As one of the strongest natural fiber, silk is produced by a special moth larvae that feed exclusively on white mulberry leafs which contains essential nutrients and vitamins.  Aside from Rich presence of calcium, vitamin A, B1, B2, and C, white mulberry leaf also contains beneficial carotene amino acids and alkaloids. 


Tichaa herbal infusion is an important part in restoring the natural balance between body, mind and environment as well as a luxurious ritual you can enjoy alone or with your loved ones.